Installation of Whole-house fans in Portland - Attic ventilation, exhaust fans and bathroom fans.

Whole-House Fans

  Tamarack whole house fansWhen the summer heat kicks in, Mr. Electric of Portland and Vancouver has some options to make you feel comfortable. A Tamarack whole-house fan is a great alternative to an air conditioner; it costs significantly less and is cheaper to operate. A whole-house fan can use up to 90 percent less energy than an air conditioner. Mr. Electric’s trained service professionals will help you to select right whole-house fan considering all the available options: fan size, speed, and controls. We will take all the necessary measures to ensure that your fan is installed and operating properly and offer a 3-year warranty. Mr Electric of Portland and Vancouver WA is pleased to have Tamarack Technologies as our exclusive supplier of whole-house fans in the Portland and Vancouver Washington metro areas. We provide a complete turn-key installation which includes wiring, controls and installation of the fan by a professional roofer.  We’ve partnered with Tamarack Technologies to bring your the best whole-house fans on the market.  Feel free to head over to their page if you’re interested in researching the more technical aspects and features of these systems. Call us at 360-574-7200 or  503-296-8555 to get a quote and find out which option is best for your home or office.

HV1600 R-50 Insulated Whole House Fan 2-speed, remote controlled 1150/1600 CFM available with R38 or R50 Insulating doors.

Watch the video on how it works

HV3400 R-38 Insulated Whole House Fan. Two-speed remote controlled 1900/3400 CFM. Watch the video on how it works

Benefits of a Whole House Cooling Fan

  • Lower electricity bill: an inexpensive methods of cooling a house
  • Improved indoor air quality; quick venting of odors
  • Improved moisture control
  • Helps to avoid early aging of your roofing, framing and paint due to poor ventilation

How does it work?

At summer the air inside a home is heated during the day and stays hot over the night even when the outside air gets cooler. A whole house (attic) fan is intended to get rid of the hot air trapped inside and replace it with a fresh cooler outside air. Running a fan during the morning cools your house and helps to keep the interior more comfortable. This can also be a more cost-effective solution to that of an expensive central air AC unit.

Understanding the difference between a whole-house fan and an attic fan

There is a very significant difference between a whole-house fan and an attic fan and how their applications are used. An attic fan is used to remove hot air from the attic space in order to limit heat transfer to the living space below. In general a cooling unit for the rest of the house is still needed.  A whole house fan is mounted in the ceiling between the living space and that attic. It is used to suck warm air out of the living space up into the attic. The pressure created by the suction forces that warm air out of the venting of the roof and it helps draw cooler outside air in through open windows in the house. Generally a whole-house fan is most efficient during the evening hours and can in many cases be significantly more energy efficient than an air conditioner.


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