Surge Assure Whole House Surge Protection for Portland Area

Surge Assure

By this point, most consumers know the benefits of surge protector strips.  It’s rare to find a home computer or laptop that isn’t plugged in to one.  But the continued process of buying more and more strips for your every growing array of electrical goods – plus the need to constantly turn them off or check them during electrical storms – can be expensive and frustrating.  Plus, despite our best efforts, having a power strip doesn’t guarantee that your expensive electrical equipment is safe from harm.  That’s where whole house surge protection comes in.

SurgeAssure is designed using a system of surge protectors that work together, a process we call “zoned surge protection.”

1. Primary Surge Protection.  Surge protectors are applied to the incoming electrical, cable/satellite, and telephone utility services to keep externally generated surges from entering your home.

2. Secondary Protection. Then at specific locations throughout the home, secondary protection is strategically installed to protect against any residual surges or internally generated surges.

So, get rid of those unsightly power strips that are probably dangerously over extended anyway and let Mr. Electric get started installing the Surge Assure whole house surge protection system for you today.

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