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Keeping Up with the Electricians

Putting it on remote-control and not having to really think about it fits our busy lives so very well. Even though many of us have chosen to migrate near and around the more laid-back Portland area as compared with the breakneck pace of the larger urban sprawls like L.A. or even Seattle, life on the go can seem hurried.

Everyday at Mr. Electric we receive calls concerning emergency electrical problems that occur around the office or home. Knowing that inclement weather is a norm in our town, we know that harsher conditions are forced upon us. The most common problems deal with water. And we understand that water damage is invasive and can wreak havoc on the normally dry interior conditions we rely upon for productivity and a comfortable life.

When a person thinks about dangers dealing with water and electricity, images of being struck by lightening in a storm might be conjured up. But the probability of that is minuscule as compared to hazardous conditions of more common conditions caused by rain. Harsh injury and death can result from lack of knowledge when improper drainage and leaking roofs produce enough dampness near poorly insulated wiring.

An electrician’s everyday concern for himself can be summed up in a few words – proper insulation. Personal protective equipment and OSHA laws aren’t just for the professional, but should also be practiced by consumers like you, especially if water and electricity mix. Nobody is safe when it comes to potential electrocution.

Anytime an exposed source of electric exists, electricity is busy at work to find a way to be grounded. A positive lead charge seeks to neutralize itself and as physics proves, it will use anything it can find as a conductor to get there. In this case, it is you and me!

When it comes to spotting danger, here are a few things to keep an eye out for when rain storms occur:

  • Condensation or moisture forming on walls in the form of warping or paint peeling
  • Sparking or electrical buzzing when plugging an item into an outlet
  • Obvious dripping from ceiling and/ or fixtures, or pooling water on surface
  • Flickering lights or electrical surges experienced via television or computer monitor
  • Fuse breakers popping off relating to an associated location of your home or office consistently

Here’s where stating the obvious isn’t something to apologize for. If you spot any of these potential danger signals in any combination, do NOT attempt to touch the surface that are wet or damp. Rather contact a professional to determine the source of leakage.

Like water, electricity also can “leak” in tandem using water as it’s primary mode of seeking ground as the conductor. Avoid touching plugs or cables and ensure you are wearing insulated rubber soles near these areas.

Staying safe through electrical consciousness is never secondary whether at home or work. Using good sense will save you and your loved ones from undue harm. So when calling on a professional, our experienced team of electricians are always here for you at Mr. Electric twenty-four seven!

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