Pools and Hot Tub Electrical Installations in Portland

Hot Tubs

hot tub and spa installationMr. Electric’s electricians have years of hot tub or spa installation experience. We will wire your new hot tub or spa to your home electrical system taking care of all the hassles of installing and configuring of wire, conduits, breakers, GFCI, subpanel and grounding. We will make sure everything is done safely and according to all the applicable electrical codes. No matter what type, size or brand of hot tub or spa you buy, Mr. Electric of Portland and Vancouver will provide the proper electrical power: 120/240V systems, 3-wire or 4-wire configurations.

Call (503) 296-8555 for Portland Metro Area and cities of Coastal Oregon

(360) 574-7200 for Vancouver/Clark County

Check if your electrical service panel can handle the electrical demand before you buy a hot tub or spa to be installed in your home. If you have an older panel, most likely, it won’t provide the required amount of amperage, and a panel upgrade might be necessary. Your Service Professional will evaluate your panel capacity as part of your quote.

Safety Tips

  • Know where all the electrical switches and circuit breakers are located and how to turn them off in case of an emergency.
  • Follow instructions in the operator’s manual.
  • Don’t swim during thunderstorms.
  • Have lighting, circuits, and nearby receptacles protected by GFCIs.
  • Test GFCIs monthly to make sure they function properly.
  • Never use cord-connected appliances in or around a pool, spa, or hot tub.

Mr. Electric of Portland and Vancouver offers:

  • We can do a 12 point electrical safety check with any service
  • 5 year warranty on labor
  • Repair of all brands of hot tubs and swimming pools


We Serve Clark, Clackamas, Lincoln, Multnomah and Washington Counties

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