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Ground me, Scotty! A lesson in surge protection.

surge_protectorA very essential, yet, very overlooked piece of investment for your home theater system, computers and laptops, gaming consoles and even appliances is the humble surge protector.

Most of us are familiar with the “plug and protect” strips that are available at almost every store you shop. They work unassumingly, quietly, under your computer desk. However, there is a tendency to overload these strips by connecting too many of them together or they are just not enough to handle the vast amounts of wattage many electrical systems require. So what to do?

Did you know there is a WHOLE HOUSE electrical surge protector? Only available through your Mr Electric Service Professional, the Surge Assure provides protection for your entire home. No extra strips laying around and over desks, counters or worse yet, out in open view of children and pets. The Surge Assure needs to be professionally installed.

Is the peace of mind, pennies and aesthetics of your home worth the investment of the Surge Assure? Ask a Mr Electric service professional for more information. I’m sure the answer won’t come as a “shock” to you.

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