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Going Green with Mr Electric

In honor of Earth Week, we would like to share nuggets of wisdom from our service professionals about What Would Mr Electric Do to Go Green.

Here is our first tip: The Attic written by Brian Simmons

Hot air!! Remember those 100 degree + days that we all shared last summer? Me too.

Do you have an attic above the living quarters in your home? If you do then what you should keep in mind is that hot air may easily exceed 140 degrees on a hot day! Do you hear the slight rumble of an attic vent fan on those hot days? If not then you should know that your sweltering attic may be causing you to spend big bucks on cooling!

Installation of an attic vent fan will take that super hot air and push it out of that space therefore making the task of cooling the area that you reside in much easier. Reducing the temperature of the air in your attic can have immediate benefits to your comfort level as well as greatly reducing the power used to keep you cool, be it paddle fans or air conditioners!!

Brian Simmons, Mr Electric