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wind_generator Mr. Electric of Portland and Vancouver is an authorized installer for the Skystream fully integrated, utility-connected 2.5 kW wind generators designed specifically for homes and small businesses.

Depending on the wind speed and the amount of energy consumed by a home electrical system, wind turbines typically lower a household electricity bill by 30% to 80%.

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Wind turbines “collaborate” with electric utility. When there is no wind, the utility supplies electricity to your home. When it is windy out, turbine supplies clean and quiet electricity. When the amount of electricity generated exceeds electrical system needs, your home electrical meter spins backwards – actually “selling” electricity back to the utility.

Depending on the average wind speed and the amount of electricity you consume, Skystream wind generator can lower your household electricity bill by 30% to 80%. Skystream owners with total-electric homes typically have monthly utility bills of only $8 – $15 for 9 months of the year (according to 2005 data). The amount of money a Skystream wind generator can save you depends upon its installed cost, the amount of electricity your home uses, the average wind speed at your site, and some other factors. Most US Skystream wind generator installation projects range from $16,000 – $24,000.00. US Federal and State incentives can significantly decrease your cost. Call us for your $250.00 site survey today – your survey cost will be applied to your purchase and installation.


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