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SAVINGS with the Envi Power Save System!

Every month, we get our energy bill and have no way of knowing why it is what it is. We can speculate or simply trust that the meter on the side of the house is accurate. Be in the dark no more! Take control of your energy usage with the Envi system!

The Envi system is the next generation in [computer based] energy monitoring, helping users to understand their energy usage and more importantly their WASTAGE. Empowering individuals with real time information, the Envi can influence changes in energy awareness and usage habits, reduce energy bills and improve your home’s Carbon Footprints. Add to your Current Cost network with this second-generation monitor. No more guess work! It’s right in front of you. Simple, effective and savings, savings, savings!

Mr. Electric is excited to announce this excellent energy savings installation offer for every home owner or property management group! This investment will provide a quick return on investment and certainly will pay for itself in a matter of a few short months.

Give us a call today for more information on how you can begin lowering your energy bills and make a greener difference in your community. Leading the way to a brighter and environmentally conscious future…

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