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Space Heater Safety!

September 25th, 2015
  When trying to cut costs and save money, you may decide to use Electric Room Heaters in main living areas, remember to be safe first and foremost. Our team can help you make wise choices, read on here for more advice: www.mrelectric.com/…/making-wise-choices-when-using-electri… Contact our Team for all Professional Electrical work. ‪#‎mrelectric‬ ‪#‎electrician‬ ‪#‎residential‬ ‪#‎commercial‬ ‪#‎security‬ ‪#‎homesafety‬‪#‎spaceheaters‬ ‪#‎regina‬ ‪#‎trustedregina‬      

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Five Tips for Home Electrical Safety

September 24th, 2015
Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of fire-related death in the Commonwealth.  Between 2007-2011,U.S. fire departments responded to more than 45,000 home electrical fires that resulted in 455 civilian deaths, over 1,500 injures, and more than 1 billion dollars in property damage. Because these incidents are often caused by poorly maintained or outdated electrical systems, we can helpprevent fires and other electricity-related injuries by making a few changes at home:
  1. Become familiar with the structure of your home electrical system to more readily identify and avoid potentially harmful situations such as broken fuses and overheated wires.  Make sure the contact information for your local licensed electrician is accessible at all times to handle problems that are beyond your capabilities.
  1. Check the electrical systems and appliances throughout your home every six months using this home electrical safety checklist for room-to-room guidance.
  1. Consult NFPA’s electrical safety tips for checking electrical cords, choosing the right light bulbs, and strategically placing major appliances.
  1. Support old or faulty electrical systems with supplementary home safety devices such as:
  1. If you plan to do any digging on private or public property, state law requires that you first notify Dig Safe, a communication network that aims to prevent underground utility damage. Dig Safe will notify utility companies of any upcoming excavations to ensure safety for workers and residents alike. You can find additional information about this program in the Dig Safe FAQ.
While the electricity used to operate the appliances in our homes certainly makes our lives easier, keeping our families safe is always the priority. By taking a few extra precautions at home, we won’t have to compromise our comfort or our safety. What steps will you take to keep your household safe from electricity-related harm? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @csrmrelectriccc.

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Electrical Safety Month: Tips for a Safer Home

April 23rd, 2015
  According to The Electrical Safety Foundation International, electrical incidents cause 43,900 home fires, 438 deaths, 1,430 injuries and result in $1.47 billion in property damage each year. May is National Electrical Safety Month and helps promote safety education and awareness to reduce the number of electrical related accidents. In honor of Electrical Safety Month, Mr. Electric® has complied a list of simple tips for a safer home.
  • Always replace damaged or loose electrical cords.
  • Avoid running extension cords across doorways or under carpets.
  • Never yank an electrical cord from the wall.
  • Replace wobbly switches and outlets.
  • Consider adding additional circuits or outlets by a Mr. Electric electrician in order to avoid the use of extension cords.
  • Avoid overloading outlets and never uses extension cords as permanent outlets.
  • If outlets or switches feel warm and you’re having problems with blowing fuses, tripped circuits or flickering lights, call your local Mr. Electric.
  • Be sure to place lamps on level surfaces and away from things that can burn.
  • Never place anything that burns near a furnace, water heater, space heater, or stove.
  • Only use bulbs that match electronics recommended wattage.
  • Never use electrical equipment near water.
  • Remember to unplug outlets when not in use.
  • For households with small children, place safety caps along all unused outlets.
  • Teach children not to touch electrical outlets or appliances (especially with wet hands), whether they're on or off.
  • Educate children on the dangers of “green boxes” (substations and transformers) and not to play on them

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