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Back To School Lighting

Getting your kids ready to go back to school means jumping through a lot of hoops.  Whether your children are off to college or kindergarden – there’s no avoiding the shopping trips to get new clothes, notebooks, and track down those hard to find gum erasers that no one ever uses.  But here at Mr. Electric, we’d like to remind you of one crucial back to school element that you probably haven’t considered: lighting.

In recent years, studies have shown that natural light is the best for brain function.  But unfortunately, homework hours usually take place after the sun is down.  Luckily, our professional electricians can create custom solutions to turn your study space into a brain boosting bonanza.  With natural white light solutions, you’ll be able to simulate the effects of natural light – providing your brain with the full-spectrum-light it’d be getting at high noon on a summer day.

Plus, our energy saving lighting solutions are always a bright idea, no matter what time of year it is.  Whether you’re just looking to relight a dark corner for better studying, or you are looking to retrofit an entire floor – the savings that energy efficient lighting provides can offset its own cost!  It’s silly to pay more for dingy, energy draining energy when a brighter, earth friendly solution can literally pay for itself!

So while you might not be able to help your kid solve the geometry proof in tonight’s homework assignment, getting your child the best light to do their homework by is always the right answer.  Give us a call at (503) 296-8555, and let us get started helping you upgrade your lighting today! Ask about about the new lighting technologies that are now available or about our recessed lighting solutions available in the Portland area.